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October 21, 2008



Good Morning,

Unfortunately I do not have any grandparents that are alive today. I do know of some of my older friends that love to surf the internet like your mom. I have never heard of facebook and do not go on youtube that often unless someone sends me a clip from there for me to see. Everyone surfs the internet now a days. I went to the library about two weeks ago and there where so many people there on youtube and myspace and they were all different ages - not just the younger generation. I think it is just a way for people to communicate and find new ways to interact. You just have to be so very careful especially the young kids because so many predators use these different types of sites to lure kids into a trap. But after all is said and done no telling who you will see on the internet or on youtube. The internet is taking over.

Carol Marak

No doubt our seniors are logging in and perusing the Internet. It's a very useful medium - where else can go shopping and do tons of research without leaving the comfort of home?

I started using the Internet back in early 90's.. wow, has it changed. My mom would watch me and wonder.. "what is that?" She thought I was brilliant!

I love seeing the 50 and 60+ use this remarkable medium. We can all gain so much knowledge about our health... to learning more about other people too.

Maybe it's our pen pal mechanism of the new age!

Margaret Clark-Mayfield

I'm 55 years old and I'm a grandmother. I started using a computer back in the 80's, and I've been online since the 90's. I taught my father (now 80) to use a computer, and he's a big fan of e-mail. Age is no barrier!!


Hi... This is such an awesome testimony. I take care of my re-tired folks - taking a part in serving that comes from God is so awesome. I think it's very encouraging to send this sort of e-mail out to people. It encourages them to take an active role in someone's life. Thanks!


Unfortunately, my mom has a MySpace and so do a few of my aunts, which is pretty funny because my mom doesn't even know how to use it much. She actually calls my sister or me for help. But nowadays, everyone is on Facebook and MySpace. The technology is growing and more people know about it and want to be in it, as well. So don't be overwhelmed by it because you're one of the people that have their parent on Facebook or MySpace.


Yes, if seniors have the skills to surf the internet in order to keep in touch with sons, daughters and grandkids, and highschool friends, this will make their lives more delightful. Also, it is very good for their psychological needs to feel being useful. In the economic side, some can even pick up internet jobs to keep them busy and productive. I set up programs teaching seniors basic computer and internet surfing skills in order to empower and encourage them to live in this technology-savvy society. Once they feel useful, they will take good care of their health and become young and strong. Happy New Year to our lovely seniors.


Dealing with seniors everyday, I think most younger people would be very surprised just how many of them know how to use their computers and the social networking sites.

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