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August 25, 2011

Questions to Ask a Family During a Nanny Interview

What are some questions I can ask the potential clients who are considering me to be their nanny?

      There are so many questions you can ask a potential family, but there are certain ones that I feel are a must.

  • Do you use a nanny contract?
  • What household duties are expected of me? 
  • What are my paid vacation days?
  • Do I get sick days?
  • How do you like to communicate with the nanny throughout the day? Email? Text? Phone calls? Photos?
  • What is the household's views on discipline?
  • Views on TV and electronics in general?
  • Will I be using your car or mine? Will you be including a mileage fee?
  • Are there pet care responsibilities?
  • What kind of cooking is involved?

A well thought out list to take with you or have in front of you during a phone interview is a must, that way nothing gets overlooked. I usually make several copies just to have on hand for each family I interview with. It really helps when you get down to making a final choice.

Sometimes my best questions come out of just having a conversation with a potential family. Go with the flow and see where it leads. 


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Collegeville Mom

when a nanny is caring for two children & sometimes, three
what is the maximum number of hours he or she
should be able to work, in a day. And how long of
a break mid-day?


I've noticed that a lot of parents suddenly become uninterested in me because of my age even though I have more qualifications than a lot of the older nannies. I am 18 but have been caring for children for 4 years. I am CPR and first aid certified, I know how to cook nutritious meals, I integrate learning in all playtime activities(both school based and value based), and I genuinely love being around kids. They are interested in hiring me until I mention I am 18. Is age really a big deal if you know how to properly care for a child?

Florence Reynolds

Do you think that families of multiples should pay more ?
I find a add for triplets and the pay was $ 10 per hour
I find this like a insult to our job /

tari c.

Dear Neysa,
I love this site, but I have yet to get a job. It is very very frustrating for me and I am not sure why the parents don't pick me. I am highly educated, have a Master's in fine art, I have taken Early Childhood Education courses , and Im a montessori assistant. I have been a nanny for 10 years and i have excellent refernces. I always pass the phone interview, meet the parents and child/children at least 2 times, but they pick someone who used to teach 1st grade for a living or something and I cant compete with that. How should I act when I meet the parents? nice? charming? serious? intentional? I have tried these all. I look great on paper but how can I come across as being an asset to their family? I have lost so many jobs! help please!


I had a phone interview and while I was hoping for a much higher salary than was offered, I wasn't very assertive about it and I ended up nearly agreeing to a much lower salary than I think is fair (7 dollars an hour for two kids, one of whom is an infant, I have many years of childcare experience, but they live in Omaha and I know rates are lower there) I really like the family I interviewed with and I have a second phone interview with them tonight. I currently nanny for two school aged kids and I earn 13 dollars an hour. I am willing to take a pay cut with my move but losing 6 dollars an hour seems especially harsh. Please help! I don't want to offend her and I am not going to ask for much more (I would be willing I think to do 9 dollars an hour) but I don't know how.

Crystal Vazquez

How do u get a child to sleep in their own bed?Either my husband or I sleep on the couch because she waits for me to go to sleep and if i get out of bed she wakes up. So frustrating. Any suggestions??


I just wanted to respond to Amanda & Florence.

Amanda: I have the same problem as you. Only im 23. I have 5+ years plus training classes CPR the whole 9 yards and parents are still saying, i make a great fit they just wish i was older. :/

Florence: I totally think its a bust on us. I currently work for a family who is payin $10hr with 3 kids ( a 3yo and 19mon twins) i only accepted the job because i had just relocated to a new state and i was desperate. I should be making more because i do alot and hold up my experience well.

Nina DeVoe

To those questions for their salary. I know different areas pay less than others but never take less than your worth. You will feel like the parents are taking advantage and it might just be that that's all they can afford. Unless you really need the job desperately wait until you find a good fit and where your comfortable. Always discuss it with the parents. Maybe they are unaware that they are paying to little. I have been a nanny almost 18 years and I know it can be hard bringing up money. However you need to make sure your going to be ok financially as well. Salary can be a nice choice. Sometimes parents can take advantage of that so make sure if your always working over or they want you to work an extra day that they understand that will be extra. Hope this helps!

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