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June 28, 2011

Nanny Gift Ideas

I would like some birthday gift ideas for our live-in nanny who is just awesome. I also want to give her a going away gift when she ends her term in 2 months. Any suggestions?

I would like some birthday gift ideas for our live-in nanny who is just awesome. I also want to give her a going away gift when she ends her term in 2 months. Any suggestions?

You can go many ways with this. I still have some of my favorite gifts from families I’ve worked for. Most of them were very sweet and simple and from the kiddies.

For her birthday, find something that she is very interested in: books, painting, knitting etc... and make her a basket full of goodies to go along with the theme.

Jewelry is always a great way to go. A nice clunky necklace or earrings from Anthropologie, J.Crew or a neighborhood boutique would be super sweet.  My favorite gift ever is a beautiful Tiffany bracelet with the smallest sweetest heart on it. I haven't taken it off in ten years. Of course, your gift doesn’t have to be from Tiffany, just make sure you keep her taste in mind or you’ll be wasting your money.

Other special treats might be a “go pamper yourself” gift. You could make arrangements for a massage or a manicure and pedicure at a local spa. Or, you could get buy a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant and tell her to go out with friends. Something that says, “you deserve this!”

As a departure gift, you’ll want to give her something to say thank you and leave her with a fond memory of caring for your children. One idea: take a mom and kids trip to a local pottery store and have the children make something with their handprints on it. It will show her you put a lot of thought into the gift and will make her feel very special.

You could also take pictures of her with the kids, and put them in a frame. You could have your kids list their favorite memories with her and write them in a letter.

If she will be traveling after she leaves your family, maybe a new piece of luggage, an e-reader, or a helpful travel accessory like sound proof headphones.

The ideas are limitless. It also depends on what you want to spend. Amex gift cards are always a safe option!

She is a very lucky girl to have a family that cares so much.


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One of the best gifts that I received was from a family of a single mom, and her 2 little boys that I helped to take care of. She had taken them to the Dollar Tree and told them to each pick out 1 item for me. They each picked out little figurines. One was of a girl helping a boy to ride a bike, and the other was of a girl picking flowers with boy. When these 2 little guys gave me their presents, they informed me that the figurines were of me and a special moment they had each shared with me. This was 6 years ago and today they warm my heart each time I look upon my dresser and see the 2 small figures.


I am currently working for a really nice and loving family of 3 kids. When I first started working here 2 months ago they said it was a long term job and I was fine with it. However, I really want to quit the job now because i feel very uncomfortable with the parents working from home and how they raise their kids. What would be the best way to tell them I want to quit and will there be any possible way I could ask them to be a reference?

Cindie Cook

Money is always appreciated...a bonus at Christmas or birthdays or holidays is nice and always remembered. If the child wants to make you something, that is very sweet, too.

Kay Wash

Hi my friend,I know it may seems hard to do but you can not let there niceness over-ride your happiness.that is a very hard thing to do. Peace is Priceless...and with that being said u have a few ways u can tell them. first thing first, can u afford to resign? 2Nd? you can tell them you found another nanny position no live in required and alittle more pay. are tell them the truth? and that way everybody will be happy. I will prey 4u. you would never ever beable to take your position, and do your job with you watching the kids ,and the parents watching will never have control over those kids.and the children know whats is it going to be.

Kay Wash

How about Buying her a Convertible Mercedes Benz.Thats my Dream Car. since i cant buy my self one. somebody mightest well get it. Lol.......


The best gift I ever received from the family I worked for was a car detailing! They even had the mobile detailer come to their home while I was working to do it! How nice to leave with a clean car!!


As far as working for a family when the parents work at home...I do that now and LOVE it! The boys know when their parents are working that they should not bother them. Mom and Dad work upstairs usually and we hang downstairs. We really have no communication with the parents while they are working as that is the whole purpose of my being there.

Lucy Lopez

hi my name is lucy... i been with a great family for 14 years and i help bring up 3 wonderful girls ages 14 in a half ,12,9 ...i'm ready to start all over again with a new family with a newborn for another long term...i have spoken to the parents that i'm leaving it was very hard for both of us . is just time ...sometime i bring it up to girls that one day i'm leaving cause they are in school all day and they do not want to hear it... they.say when they collage i could leave...i truly love these girls and i'm crying right question is how do i tell the girls without hurting them alot i know they are going to be so sad...but i told the parents not to speak to them without me... please give me some advice.....lucy lopez

Emily Deckenback

I received both a birthday gift and a parting gift from the family I nannied for last year for 6 months. For my birthday they gave me a gift card to a fabric store, since I love quilting and sewing and so did my little guy's mom. I had so much fun picking out fabric, and I was able to use the fabric I purchased to make Christmas gifts this year, which saved me money!

The best gift, though, was an amazing photo-book. It was full of pictures detailing the months I spent with their son, from 7-13 months old, with cute little notes. Now whenever I miss him I can just open up that book and there is his adorable little face grinning out at me from every page. It was the perfect gift, because I bonded very deeply with the little guy and his parents, and I know I'll never forget them!

lisa s

Hi. If its from the children it should be something they made from the heart. If its from the parents it should be a spa day. I know it makes for a happy and relaxed nanny. She will be so happy, its a gift you will be thanked for, for a very long time. I know I'm a nanny, an its awsome.


have your child make something from the heart. i received a book bag with their hand prints on it because i always did crafts with them and put a gift card in it,,, she will appreciate it name and date and year on it.........

Cyclist Rose

I usually go out with my nanny as a friend. The companionship means alot to her. But I guess it depends on your nanny's personality.


I agree with Lisa S - the kids should make something from the heart and a spa day would be a nice treat for a going away gift - ooh! Or an anniversary gift, too, if they've been with you for a while!

Either way, that's really sweet.


Need gift ideas for your nanny? put together a holiday gift guide to help.

Check it out and let us know what you think:

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