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June 29, 2011

How Can I Get a Child to Nap?

I care for a child who is nearly 17 months old. Since he turned a year old he wakes up and cries when I put him down in his crib to nap after rocking him. How long should I wait to pick him up? Any advice on napping will be appreciated!  Thank you.

Naps are a tricky thing. First, talk it over with your employers, they may have a system they use at night that can be very helpful for you during the day. That will also help with consistency in what they do at night. If that is not a concern, I would probably wait ten minutes at most. Usually in that time most children will go back to sleep, they are already tired to begin with and just being fussy.

Naps at that age are usually starting to become fewer and fewer anyway. It could even be time to cut one out. It really depends on the child and what the parents want.


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celia luckinbill

first of all i don't think you should be rocking him,just lay him down quietly in his crib if he has a favourite toy let him cuddle that, then turn and go out of the room

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