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June 29, 2011

Contract and Taxes for a Part-time Nanny?

We are looking at hiring a nanny for part time (3 days a week). Should we have a contract, if so how do we go about doing that. What about taxes?

A contract is a great way to make sure everyone involved is on the same page at all times. It's a great reference to talk about vacation days, car and house rules, cleaning responsibilities and general expectations on what you want your nanny to do when she's with your kids. It's also a great reference for the nanny, to just have things ironed out -- on paper -- from the get-go. Part-time or full-time, I recommend having a nanny contract in place.

All things that should be covered in a contract so there are no questions. We provide a list of topics in How to Write a Nanny Contract. Definitely check out the sample contracts for part-time nannies in this article too.

As far as taxes are concerned, here is what you need to know about nanny taxes and nanny tax forms and proceedures.

You should also check out the IRS website that focuses on nannies and other household employees.

 It's tricky to get started, but will feel very worthwhile!


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Yes contracts are great! make sure you get a copy as I didnt and I was given nothing for my taxes but an email. I had direct deposit and nannychex gave a wrong advice of which the employee was glad to save money but I had an agreement of which they wanted to have with me. I had agreed and then I wasnt informed of the change until the last direct deposit went in. I thought it was prior-last check. I did get a copy of all. My finger is pointing back to the people who advised wrong and the people who hired me with an agreement. I didnt have a copy of agreement but I know better now. I was all for doing the right thing- a contract/agreement.
Oh well, I sure learned to trust no one until I have a copy of agreement.

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