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May 11, 2011

What Do I Charge for Babysitting Overnight?

I am a Nanny and am wondering what to charge for an overnight.

 Hi. It's great that you're staying overnight so the parents can go away! This is definitely something parents should consider, as long as you're comfortable sleeping at their house.

As for payment, most nannies tend to charge normal hourly rate for the hours the children are awake and then go down three to five dollars for the hours that the children are sleeping. I tend to think that is very fair, since you are just sitting and not keeping the children entertained.

If your family thinks it's too high, and this is a service you want to continue doing for them, you could always negotiate a flat-fee that works for both of you. It might help them feel more comfortable going away (and giving you more money!) more often.


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I am interviewing for childcare for a 16 month old, my son. I am completely clueless as to what the going rate is..Can you shed some light? I'm hiring for two days a week about four hours a day. No housekeeping, etc just childcare. Your help is appreciated. I live in Connecticut.



I think a flat fee is more reasonable than lowering the rate while the child is sleeping-do you lower the rate during nap time? No, because you are still on the job and need to be available when the child wakes up-including waking up from a dream or messy diaper that needs attention-this also occurs during a normal evening. The fact of the matter is you are responsible for someone else's child and it is your job, you aren't doing a favor for someone-you're working. Your pay should be consistent with that fact. $5 is over $3 below the minimum wage in my state...I made $5/hr when I was 10 yrs old babysitting.


I am looking for a nanny to watch my children while I work from home. I'm there to lend a hand and to help with lunch and naptime. Would I pay less because I am not leaving my children in the nanny's sole care?


I sit quite frequently for families who need overnite care. I charge one flat rate/24 hour period. If they are not gone the entire 24hrs I still get paid the agreed rate. Parents will pay for quality care and be happy doing it to ensure they get a stress free night away.

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