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May 11, 2011

How Much for a Nanny Share?

I'm trying to figure out what rate to pay our (excellent) nanny, who we have just engaged in a nanny share. We think it's $15/hour for 2 kids, and $13/hr for one kid; she thinks it's $18/hr for 2 kids, $13/hr for one kid.

I realize this depends on experience, area of the country, etc., but wonder what the average out there might be.

Any advice you could offer on this front would be appreciated.

A.      Hi. I hate to say it but I think $15 is a bit low, but I also think $18 is a bit high. I defintely depends on where you live and how much more complicated the job is, considering the shared-family arrangement. Maybe you guys could meet in the middle somewhere? You should definitely use our Nanny Salary Calculator for a pay reference, as well. 

A nanny-share is a great way for parents to save money while still providing a nanny's personal touch to  your kids' caregiving. We recently ran an article on setting up a nanny share. I hope it works out for you!


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If someone has an "excellent" nanny who is even willing to do a nanny share they should pay the rate she sets!

It is her rate after all-it is what she deems acceptable for her talents. There is nothing wrong with $18/hr for 2 kids-that is $9 per parent-as you can see that is $4 under her normal one child rate, and she has double the work now, for a "raise" of $5/hr. If one kid is normally $13 she could easily charge $20+/hr. Which, if she is doing her job well(and these people think she is), they shouldn't have a problem with. How much do you(the hypothetical you) spend on other things that aren't anywhere near as valuable as your child? I am constantly amazed when people quibble over rates with their nanny.

If I were to go to someone and ask their rate for something I have two choices when finding out their rate:pay it or look elsewhere.

You don't get to barter the price of your dinner when you go out for a nice meal-why should you treat your nanny with less respect? Most nannies are making their living off their job(though I assume there are some who don't rely solely on their nanny work i.e. who have another source of income), don't forget that. What if your boss doubled your work load and then told you they thought you were great but wouldn't pay you adequately for your extra work, would you be happy with that boss and want to continue to work for them? Or would you maybe feel unappreciated and start looking elsewhere?

Nanny Background Check

Depending on where you live and how stiff the competition is for qualified candidates, you may need to pay a full-time nanny between $350 and $500 a week, though if it's a live-in situation and you can offer pleasant living quarters, that may bring your costs down a bit. However, nanny share salaries are normally ranges from $12 to $18 per hour depending on what state or county you are living. It is dependent on the nanny background check experience, the number of children in his or her care, and the number of hours per day required.


Hello everyone,
Very important question! When you do nanny share, how does vacation pay works?
Hoping to hear from sone one.
Thank you

Jaime Rodrigues

We live in Boulder, CO. We are paying our nanny $18/hour and we are looking to have a nanny share in 8 months time. What do you think a fair rate would be for one more child? I certainly cannot double her pay, and I'm fairly certain that that is not the convention. Is something between $22-25 fair or am I being way too generous? I just want to do what's right but we are on a budget.

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