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August 19, 2010

Do I have to give the nanny sick days, if so, how many and are they paid?

Answering a question with a question here, do you have paid sick days? I imagine you probably do, so the answer to your question is yes. At some point, it’s inevitable that we will get some bug and need rest. I, along with most nannies, get sick paid days. I have used only three in the past three years and I think four a year would be a fair number. However, I suggest maybe a few more if your nanny is working with school age children. Remember all the germie wormies they bring home with them.


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I agree. Nannies definitely deserve sick days, and i think 4 for infants and 6 for school aged children is fair. If you know your kids get sick more often or bring in more germs then usual, adjust accordingly.


I agree. Nannies definitely deserve sick days, and i think 4 for infants and 6 for school aged children is fair. If you know your kids get sick more often or bring in more germs then usual, adjust accordingly.


I have experience with 1's,2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and up till age 6. I want to get more experience with babies, how do i do that?


The answer here illustrates why we SHOULD get sick time but not if we have to. To address that part of the question:

It depends on where you live. If you are paying your nanny legally (which you should be!), then it'd be to everyones benefit to research the laws in your area. They vary from state to state and even county to county. Some places require you to offer sick time and some places include doctor appointments, mental health, and dependent care in that time as well. It's important to both nanny AND employer to know what the laws are where they live.

I feel that if an employer wants/expects sick days to cover all of the above, 4 days is too little. Thankfully my county agrees! Here, we accrue one hour of sick time per every thirty hours worked. For businesses with 10 employees or less, which most households will fall under, there's a cap of 40 hours accrued time. That's not 40 hours a year - that's 40 at a time. For most full-time nannies, that's 1 week of sick time at a time. If/when you use up that time, you start to accrue time once again at a rate of one hour per thirty worked. This doesn't reset year to year, so if you're not taking much sick time, then you can pretty much count on always having about a week's worth. For businesses with more than 10 employees (some estate nannies may fall under this), the cap is 72 hours a year, which is nearly two work weeks.


How do you feel about hidden cameras?


My sitter keeps a daily log for both my girls - 5 1/2 and 5 months old. She listed an activity for my 5 1/2 year old - "playing with polly pockets" however my daughter said they did not do that. Also, put they build a tent with blankets and my daughter said they didn't do that. How do I address this with my sister?


Sorry - it was suppose to be "how do I address this with my sitter?"


I live in SLC and have 3 school age children..9yrs..7yrs and 6yrs..My sitter has a 6mos old..which she brings with her to work..she fixes snaxs..dinner..wipes down counters in the kitchen and wipes the childrens bathroom..sometimes puts dishes away and loads dishwasher..she is paid 11 hr..what is the average rate of pay per hr and do these duties seem appropriate..

Rachael Nelson

pay the Nanny by checks.

Rachael Nelson

Sickness: give you and you kids probiotics


Hello Neysa, This is my first time to read your article. It was very interesting reading and I was very impressed with your vocabulary and the way you answered each question I am a mature nanny and I have also worked plus years. It has been very rewarding. I just wanted to let you know you did a wonderful job and it is very much appreciated. Your never too old to learn. I am a new Care member and will be enjoying your news blog everyday. Thank You Elaine.

Jeanine Kuehl

January, I began looking for the perfect match “Nanny to Family” and after profiling my 15 years experience with, scheduling numerous interviews and meeting some great families; I believe I have found the perfect match. My work experience has involved 10 years - licensed Child Care Provider, 3 years - Youth Center Director, and 2 years - Early Learning Teacher however; I am totally new at Nanny Hood. My question is - I was interviewed and hired in February, but my employment does not begin until the end of June, (newborn). In my past jobs, I am accustom to forms and contracts and have always requested parents to sign stating that they understand and agree (regarding the program/fees/rules/routines/etc.) before beginning care or service. What is the protocol (regarding Nannies) waiting 4 months until employment begins and should I request a contract? Please note I do believe this family has been very honest and upfront with me … and I do NOT want to create doubts so early into this new relationship. Again, what is the best and correct way in dealing with this? THANK YOU! Jeanine

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