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May 04, 2012

How to Say No

I have good news. I've been asked by The Huffington Post to blog for their Post/50 section. It's an opportunity I could not pass up. However, it left me feeling overextended. Right now, as grows and senior care becomes even more of a need for baby boomers and their parents, I can't write two different blogs.

I had to say "no" to one. Which leads me to my first blog post for Huff Po, "The Age of Decline: Saying Yes to No". It's my belief that as we reach 50 and beyond we need to force ourselves to say "no" even more often.

As a social worker, I often coach family caregivers, most of them women, who quietly fume at the difficulties of trying to be a good daughter, sometimes in the face of a very obstinate parent... Read more on my new blog.

I'll continue to update this as often as I can..Thank you for understanding. I hope you will still comment and share with your friends experiencing Sandwich Generation issues and senior care concerns.



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Tammy Schmitt

I have been listed with since, Jan/2012. I am so impressed with your site! I have referred people that don't have a need for your service, to check it out just to see how well and effeciente it is. I have worked with several clients connected thru (and still am). I do suggest, however....The care.come advertisments, (via TV commercials), should highlight more of your senior care benefits. It is very hard to find good, honest care in the caregiving field. The need is huge! offers the client the power to choose what or who best suits their needs or the needs of loved ones. That is a relief, considering that admiting it's time for help is hard enough. Good job, GREAT site!
Have a happu day!
Thank you..... Tammy Schmitt

agoura alzheimers care

awesome blog, i love reading your posts- you are full of so many wise ideas! keep the posts coming.

Atlantic City caregiver

This is great!!! I hope to read your next post!!!

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